Log dogs video....

A short clip.  Never shot video before. I downloaded Adobe premier and gave it a go.  Pretty intuitive. Similar to photoshop. With a little more research and you tube tutorials I think I will be able to gain some more knowledge.. 


Driving home from the studio, packed with traffic in every direction you turn. There’s no escaping.

I decided to stop..

Found a walkway down the cliff tops to the beach. The sun was setting and it was the escape I needed after a frustrating day and a nice break to the 45 to 1 hour trip home…


Every now and then its nice to escape the city, relax and take pictures of whatever is in front of you. This early in the morning, with the sun beaming it was an old rustic shearing courters and a slobber covered dog called buster. 


Sometimes thing’s just get done a lot quicker when you’re having a whiskey and coke. Jameson’s Whiskey! Given to me by a client, it takes the edge of the countless hours of post production and editing that photographers have to do to get there images out into the world. For me its about taking the pictures, capturing the light and watching it happen in front of me.

I don’t drink a lot. Just on the odd occasion. No ones around at the studio. A sneaky class won’t hurt and today it went down a treat..

Bottoms up!


I recently attend the MELBOURNE GREAZEFEST, to help out fellow photographer AMBER MCCAIG on her next series of captivating portraits. While scouring for interesting people and walking the lines of cars. I couldn’t help but notice the size of these grills.

They are big, Some look like they have diamonds inserted into them, flamboyant and over the top. There is not once centimetre of plastic to be seen. Unlike todays cars which are made to fold and prevent injury to the driver, these are made of raw steel. A statement of style and wealth. The bigger the better.


I don’t know why but to me buying from op shops always feels better than buying brand new. It’s not because it’s trendy. For me it’s the process of searching, meeting the old shop workers, secretly listening to their old person conversations while finding something pre loved with an unknown history.

Their concerns about life seem different. They’re volunteering, happy to be there because they choose to be there and help out. They have morning tea breaks and cherish their tea. They offer their service free of charge and you don’t expect any certain level.  They come from the same era as a lot of the things I buy, old cameras, jars, bottles.  Corks are still pressed into them and there are wine or whiskey stains inside the bottom of the bottles.

They bring a certain feeling to my home, homely, rustic, bringing life to the stark white walls…


Winter Saturdays, procrastination has set in. A struggle knowing I should be doing something more productive. The light streams through the thick slatted blinds onto our newly decorated sides tools. Drying over time, these beauties occupy our house freshening up the starkness of winter and the condensation streaming down the windows.